AngioJet™ Ultra™
Catheter Ultra Peripheral
Thrombectomy System
Boston Scientific

Seize the Thrombus

Rapid Removal of Thrombus

  • Active aspiration and Power Pulse lytic delivery
  • In venous cases, 96% of patients showed substantial clot reduction – with 73% of treatments completed in less than 24 hours1
  • In arterial cases, 58% of treatments were completed in less than 6 hours2

Quick Restoration of Blood Flow

  • Catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) treatment was unnecessary in 39% of venous patients1
  • CDT treatment was unnecessary in 39% of venous patients1
  • AngioJet with Power Pulse and CDT reduced treatment times by 46% compared
  • to AngioJet and CDT1

Symptom Improvement

  • In arterial cases, 89% limb salvage rate for acute limb ischemia patients2
  • In venous cases, 83% of patients free of rethrombosis at 12 months1
  • Improvement in 93% of arterial vessels treated2

Ease of Use & Device Versatility

  • Power Pulse lytic delivery for tough clots
  • Wide offering of catheters for treating arterial, venous and AV access in vesselsranging from 1.5 mm to large iliofemoral clot burdens
  • Compact, highly mobile console design

1Presented by Dr. Mark Garcia at CIRSE 2013; Final PEARL Data

2Presented by Dr. Ali Amin at Charing Cross 2014; Final PEARL Data

Product Name:

  • ZelanteDVT™
  • Solent™ Omni
  • Solent™ Proxi
  • Solent™ Dista
  • AVX™
  • Power Pulse Delivery Kit (5 per box)

The AngioJet ZelanteDVT thrombectomy catheter is specifically designed to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in large-diameter upper and lower peripheral veins. ZelanteDVT is the most powerful thrombectomy catheter in the market-leading AngioJet portfolio.